Mount Rainier National Park.

Days 12 & 13: South Mount Rainier National Park.
Mount Rainier.
Cougar Rock campground.
Paradise River.
Narada Falls.
Mount Rainier.
Edith Creek.
Peaks of the Tatoosh Range.
Paintbrush, Castilleja miniata, Figwort Family.
Lupine, Lupinus latifolius, Pea Family.
Western Anemone – Flower Stage, Anemone occidentalis, Buttercup Family.
Western Anemone – Seed Stage, Anemone occidentalis, Buttercup Family.
Phlox, Pholx diffusa, Phlox Family.
Penstemon – Shrubby, Penstemon fruticosus, Figwort Family.
Avalanche Lily, Erythronium montanum, Lily Family.
Glacial stream.
Top of the world.
25 years of friendship.
View of Paradise from Panorama Point on the Skyline Trail.
Nisqually Glacier.
Mazama Ridge.
Peaks and ridges.
WIldflower patch and glacial stream.
Skyline Trail.
View of the peak from the tree-line.
Green False Hellebore, Veratrum viride, Melanthiaceae Family.
Waterfall at Stevens Creek.
Stevens Creek.
Maple Falls.
Maple Creek.
Maple Creek.
Box Canyon.
Misty mountains.